About Us

About Us

We work with progressive architects and engineers to create the unique elements that define leading-edge architecture.

Feature Walters is one of a handful of Offsite Architectural Fabricators in the world to combine insightful design development with large scale production and installation of mixed materials projects.

Our unique combination of scale and attention to detail has contributed to our reputation for enabling the world’s top architects and designers to deliver inspiring artworks, buildings and public spaces.

As a division of Walters Group, we have access to draw on the additional capacity, skillset and experience of Walters Group when needed for projects.

Meet the Team

Aaron Bean

General Manager

(905) 388-7111 x164

Aaron provides leadership and operations oversight to the Feature Walters team. With a background as detailer and project manager with the Walters Group, he has a strong understanding of all phases of the execution of a project.

Derrick Severin

Plant Manager

(905) 388-7111 x228

As Plant Manager, Derrick oversees day-to-day production of all projects to ensure all elements are delivered with attention to detail and within timelines.

Julian Bowron

Inventor in Residence

(416) 575-1630

Julian, the original founder of Feature Walters, provides design-assist services to our clients. As a registered Industrial Designer (ACIDO), Julian supports our large-scale architectural fabrication projects through his unique Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) skillset. He advances our capacity in para-solid design, CNC machining, production fixturing, 3D printing and other advanced production techniques.


Get in Touch

Every project starts with a vision. We’d be happy to brainstorm with you, answer any questions, or review the drawings for your upcoming project.

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