Feature Staircase Design wins USGlass Award

March 16, 2020

Scottish Rite Hospital for Children

We are proud to announce that Feature Walters Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children glass staircase project is the winner of the USGlass Inaugural Design Awards in the Commercial Interiors category. Congratulations to the entire team and our partners Beck Group, Standard Bent Glass and LED Structural Engineers on being a part of such an impressive project and this important achievement.

Our Role

Feature Walters role involved Design-Assist to develop a 12 metric ton steel structure for an unsupported 720 degree spiral stair, as well as compact, concealed splice details allowing the stair to ship as pre-fabricated modules. Feature Walters also engineered, detailed and supplied the glass treads and glass guards. Located in the city of Frisco, TX, the Scottish Rite Hospital for Children treats many of the world’s most complex orthopedic cases, as well as certain related arthritic and neurological disorders and learning disorders, such as dyslexia.

About the USGlass Awards

Brilliant, colorful, challenging. These are some of the words judges used to describe the winners of USGlass magazine’s inaugural design awards. These projects take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. The glass takes form and shape; it shows movement and direction. It’s colorful and purposeful.

These inaugural design awards were created to recognize excellence in the use of architectural glass and glazing. They highlight exemplary uses of glass and glazing in both interior and exterior applications. The commercial interior and specialty construction applications bring color and unique shapes and details to the design. All use glass in unique ways, pushing the proverbial envelope of what’s possible in architecture and design.

What the judges say about the Feature Staircase

“Architectural glass applications don’t have to be huge to make an impact. Sometimes even a small amount of glass can make a profound statement. That’s evident in the colorful glass staircase in the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital located in Frisco, Texas. The interior rainbow steps provide aesthetic charm, creating a unique centerpiece for this children’s hospital. The slip resistant dot pattern provides add-ed safety when steps are either wet or dry. The dots also provide visual security and comfort to those who navigate the stairs by drawing focus to each tread from the translucent colored step and ground below.”

To read the full issue of USGlass magazine January 2020, click the link below. The Scottish Rite Stairs is featured on page 50.


The Feature Walters Design Guide


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