Feature Walters Pavilion Contribution to the Historic Landmark Project

June 7, 2024

The Landmark Project, is one of the most significant open-space projects undertaken at the University of Toronto in the last century. This transformative project aims to breathe new life into 20 acres of central campus space at the downtown St. George campus, transitioning it into a greener, more sustainable, accessible, and pedestrian friendly space. The project’s scope entails the historic revitalization of the front and back of the campus over the next few years.

Our contribution is encompassed within the landscapes surrounding the Temerty Faculty of Medicine. The courtyard outside the medical sciences building has been rejuvenated with the addition of two new gardens and benches, and now serves as a beautiful and inviting meeting place for students and faculty.

Feature Walters is proud of our involvement in crafting the pavilion structure, which will be situated in the future Temerty Plaza—a centerpiece of the newly revitalized outdoor space on the downtown campus. This sleek, curved pavilion, featuring a glass façade, is designed to seamlessly blend with the architectural elements in its vicinity and serve as the southeast access point to the new underground parking facility.

Photo courtesy of KPMB Architects

Read more about our role on this unique metal work project here.

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