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April 28, 2020

Architects deserve an array of options to transform stairs into functional works of art.

Every project you work on should be a milestone in your career. Your special role as a designer or architect will result in a creation that will last generations and influence dozens, hundreds and hopefully even thousands of people. Its experience will be your legacy. 

Something as mundane as a flight of stairs can be transformed into something truly remarkable. It has the power to change lives with every step, and influence how people think, act and move in spaces.

Feature Walters gives architects the freedom to dream big and achieve anything with their stairs project. Every day, even while in self-isolation because of a worldwide pandemic, our team of designers works with the world’s leading architects to create beautiful spaces that inspire, assist and help their occupants. We work alongside designers and architects from inception to reality with a full suite of services: design assist, engineering, detailing, project management, fabrication, finishing, delivery and installation. 

Freedom in Design

We are the stair design experts, having crafted award-winning installations. Our designers begin by transforming sketches into visually appealing renderings. All of our projects are then modelled in Solidworks or Tekla to allow us to work with complex geometries to ensure precise installation. 

If you can dream it, we can design it, whether it has highly irregular curves or asymmetrical load-bearing that requires specialized expertise.

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital

Freedom in Material

Along with our internal team, we have a trusted network of professionals who we work with to bring to life feature stairs of every style, shape and material. Our fabrication artists source the right materials, and are here to offer suggestions, whether it is specific type of wood, brass, leather, stainless steel, corten steel, mild steel, perforated metal, glass or wire rope.

The material is then sculpted using the latest technology and old-school craftsmanship. The result? Brilliant, colourful and challenging what contemporary stair design can achieve. Our glass staircase at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children was the winner of the USGlass Inaugural Design Awards! 

Freedom in Finishes

A finish can make or break a carefully chosen material, which is why Feature Walters takes just as much time on the lustre, shine and texture of the surfaces. Our finishers have at their disposal a 1,300-square-foot paint booth, ensuring projects large and small are finished to perfection. 

Feature Walters recently completed a project requiring three coats of automotive-grade paint, resulting in long-lasting quality. It was built to last for decades, with a warranty of 25 years. 

A case study on the Walters Group staircase

Freedom in Function

Our dedicated 45,000-square-foot fabrication facility is where we preassemble each piece to reduce field fitting and move your project closer to reality with pinpoint accuracy, while staying true to your intent. In many cases, an entire stair is assembled prior to installation to test its function and beauty.

Our team detailed, fabricated and installed more than 30 sets of stairs for the new Green Science Center in New York City. The nine-storey, 450,000-square-foot structure is the biggest academic science building in the City. The inviting social spaces bring faculty, scholars and students together to share ideas, hear new perspectives and generate fresh insights.

Freedom for Designers and Architects

Allow Feature Walters to take on the components of your stairs project: perfecting the design, sourcing the materials and transforming a technical document into a beautiful, living masterpiece. 

It’s through our commitment to your project, and our ability to understand your vision, that Feature Walters is the foremost source for stairs that are functional, inspirational and remarkable.

Feature Walters can work with you to accomplish anything.

The Feature Walters Design Guide


Our Feature Walters team has created this guide as a resource to help educate and inspire you with the many styles, materials and finishes available for architects seeking leading-edge architectural options for feature staircases.

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