Introducing Feature Walters’ Stair Guide

May 12, 2020

Make your next building project remarkable with a feature staircase that will make a lasting impression. Start with the practicality of the structure, but also envision its sweeping beauty, timeless creativity and unmatched innovation. 

In celebration of our years of creative excellence and knowledge, we have proudly released an exclusive guide on feature staircase design for architects just like you. 

In the Feature Stair Design Guide and Inspiration for Architects you will discover a wide array of ways that you can use stair design to connect people with the places they experience. You will learn about a range of material and finishing options. Then dig deep into stair construction, and learn how every detail of a staircase needs to be considered, from stair deflection to joint design to field welding issues.
Download the Guide today, and start your stair journey with Feature Walters, where anything is possible.

The Feature Walters Design Guide


Our Feature Walters team has created this guide as a resource to help educate and inspire you with the many styles, materials and finishes available for architects seeking leading-edge architectural options for feature staircases.

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