Sculptures & Public Art

Sculptures & Public Art

Whether it is a rough design sketched on a piece of paper or a detailed rendering, we work closely with artists to bring their vision for a piece of art to life. We create showroom quality sculptures that become art exhibits and public art that inspires communities.

We also work with builders and developers to incorporate art into community spaces surrounding high-rise and office buildings built by our parent company, Walters Group.

Featured Projects

Approaching Red Sculpture

Two massive curved plates of steel finished in stunning red automotive paint, viewable from the ground or from a walkway connecting two towers in central Toronto. Conceived by artist Maha Mustafa and executed by Feature Walters, this public art instantly became a flagship piece in the already impressive holdings of Concord CityPlace.

Conrad Hotel Veil Sculpture

Part light fixture, part sculpture, the Veil installation at the Conrad Hotel in New York City wraps an incredible engineering feat in an exoskeleton of grace and beauty. Inspired by other architectural features within this luxury hotel, the upper and lower sections of the Veil are connected by 16 miles of glowing cables, creating an awe-inspiring, unforgettable visual tableau for visitors.

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