Unique Metal Work

Unique Metal Work

From stainless steel and bronze finishes, to high-end automotive grade paint work, we are able to provide a single solution for all of your unique metal work.

Stainless Steel Finishes

We have extensive experience with a wide range of stainless steel finishes from non-direction, right up to mirror polish. Our team knows the care and attention to detail that must be taken in dealing with high-end finishes.

Bronze Finishes

Working with bronze is not new to us. We supplied and installed a complex spiral staircase in New York which had a bronze clad soffit. The soffit was installed with hairline joints and no visible fasteners.


We have experience in fabricating all kinds of handrails. From high-end architectural rails to industrial rails, we can provide leather-wrapped, wood, and stainless steel to name a few.

High-end automotive grade paint work

We employ very skilled painters who have a passion for high-quality painted finishes. They have the experience and know how to make any finished product top notch.

Corten Steel (weathering steel)

A material that is gaining in popularity, we have used Corten Steel in our own new head office. We understand the pros and cons and techniques required to achieve the desired finished look.

Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel

Over the course of many AESS projects we have mastered the techniques required to meet the varying levels of AESS. From the Parliament buildings, to art structures and canopies, we have experience across all categories of AESS.

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