Approaching Red Sculpture

Toronto, ON

Two massive curved plates of steel finished in stunning red automotive paint, viewable from the ground or from a walkway connecting two towers in central Toronto. Conceived by artist Maha Mustafa and executed by Feature Walters, this public art instantly became a flagship piece in the already impressive holdings of Concord CityPlace.

Our Role

Sometimes attaining visual simplicity requires complex planning, innovative thinking, and borderline obsessive behaviour.

In this case, the vision of artist Maha Mustafa was a piece of public art comprising two gracefully curved sheets of steel, painted bright shiny red, to be installed as part of a condominium tower complex in Toronto.

It is our dedication to always finding a way that put this one over the top and got it where the artist intended it to be. Rolling the steel was just the beginning. We spent days priming, sanding and wet sanding. The workers shone high-wattage illumination against the steel and they would rest their faces on the curves looking for irregularities and shadows. They were up on ladders and crawling all over the piece, getting it perfect. Any wrinkle or dimple would impact the high-gloss face and make it less than it should be. We knew that for this art to be effective, it had to be this flawless.

The work was taxing, but it paid off: The sculpture now sits outside two soaring Toronto towers, below a connecting sky bridge that also happens to be a Walters Group project. From the ground and from the sky, Approaching Red is an emblem of our work preserving the intent of the artist.

Facts & Figures

  • Designed by famed artist Maha Mustafa
  • Consists of two massive curved plates of steel finished in red automotive paint
  • Steel Tonnage: 14 tons

Overcoming Challenges

It was no simple job to turn this vision into reality. The artist was seeking a conical curve (as opposed to cylindrical), which was essentially impossible with steel structures of that thickness and size. While the finished product looks pure and simple, that appearance was only achieved through complex planning and execution.

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