What We Do

What We Do

We are often the last contractor on a building site, creating and installing features that put the final architectural flourish on a signature construction. Our work can be found in high-rise buildings, offices, retail locations and public spaces throughout North America.


It is well known that taking complex, multi-material decorative projects “offsite” reduces schedule risk, enhances quality and reduces cost. Feature Walters delivers on this promise with a sensitive approach to detailing and disciplined project management.

Feature Stairs

Feature stairs are created to make a statement. Whatever the architectural intent, we seamlessly bring together the right mix of materials with a precision fit to create staircases that are works of art.

Unique Metal Work

From stainless steel and bronze finishes, to high-end automotive grade paint work, we are able to provide a single solution for all unique metal work.

Sculptures & Public Art

Sometimes attaining visual simplicity requires complex planning, innovative thinking, and borderline obsession to detail. We work with artists to bring their designs to life.

Interior Fitouts

The look and feel of an interior can transform the experience of interacting with the space. We incorporate interior design elements and custom structures made from metal, paneling, wood and glass to achieve the intended feel and functionality for the space.

Have a project to discuss?

Every projects starts with a vision. We’d be happy to brainstorm with you, answer any questions, or review the drawings for your upcoming project.

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