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Feature Walters has the knowledge and skills to make your feature stair project come to life. Our dedicated team works with you every step of the way to ensure that everything is planned for and taken care of. Our seasoned designers transform sketches into visually appealing works of art. Our artistic fabricators source the right material to bring your vision to life. Then our methodical installers bring everything together.

Feature Walters has an expansive portfolio of award-winning projects, many of which are feature staircases that are beloved among architects and builders across North America.

It is our focus on excellence that makes Feature Walters the choice to create unique elements that define leading-edge architecture.

Design & Material Inspiration

Give your imagination the freedom it needs, and discover the many ways that a staircase can transform a space.


The beautiful, natural grains of this durable resource help to add warmth and beauty to spaces.


There are more than 60 different types of copper-zinc alloys available in endless shapes and sizes.


Leather’s types, styles and textures vary, as does the thickness (up to 10mm in width).

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is stronger and often less expensive than aluminum or steel, and is a low-maintenance metal with countless finishes for designers to choose from

Corten Steel

One of today’s most popular materials is this weathered, strong and durable metal.

Mild Steel

Steel gives designers freedom – material that’s malleable, has a unifying look and possesses structural integrity. This material can also be blackened with distinctive patterns and colours.

Perforated Metal

Allow light to peek through metallic elements to give an industrial feel, while offering high strength for load-bearing applications.


Glass in any application can be coloured, fritted, textured, frosted, cut and etched with patterns.

Wire Rope

This is a modern, aesthetically pleasing support material that can provide stability for treads, while allowing light to easily pass through.


Accentuate your materials with a wide range of coatings, accessories, patterns and styles. Each material can be transformed in unique ways.


As you know, what works on paper does not necessarily work in reality. By working with you early in the design process, Feature Walters can help to perfect every aspect and mitigate the risk of errors, delays and cost increases due to constructability issues.

Our Approach


Our team will gain an understanding of your vision and work with you to create a design that’s constructable, functional and achievable. We consider the many materials and finishes available for your project, while also keeping in mind their ideal applications.


Our artisans will take the plan, source the materials, and transform a technical document into a beautiful, living masterpiece. In many cases, the entire stair will be constructed in our facility prior to installation.


Installation is the final stage, but it is the first stage for the rest of the world. This is when a staircase will start to bring limitless enjoyment to a community in need of inspiration.

The Feature Walters Design Guide


Our Feature Walters team has created this guide as a resource to help educate and inspire you with the many styles, materials and finishes available for architects seeking leading-edge architectural options for feature staircases.

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