West Memorial Building - Feature Stair

Ottawa, ON

This project involves additional work on the West Block Renovations at the Parliament Buildings. This stair is located in the Grand Hall which is a public space in the West Memorial Building. It acts as the primary gathering and event space for the Supreme Court of Canada.

Our Role

Feature Walters is responsible for the supply and install of a bronze clad spiral staircase. The stair runs from the ground floor to the second floor, with an elevator in the centre of the spiral.

Feature Walters is responsible for the structural steel support, glass guardrails, bronze cladding, elevator supports and glass surround. This project encompasses 63 tons, not including glass.

Overcoming Challenges

This job will be fabricated in the shop, trial fitted and then installed in 11 sections through a skylight making timing critical. There is also a bronze and aluminum removable sign included in the scope which is fastened back into a stone wall, making the connections and install crucial.

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